Rapid - Spartak 24 april 2014 News
Spartak beat Rapid Теги: RAPID SPARTAK
Rapid Wien - Spartak – 1:3
Goals: Feldmann – Malikov, Melkadze – 2

"Spartak" which couldn’t beat "Krasnodar" was intent to win the second match of the tournament against Austian "Rapid" which lost in the debut match against "Dinamo" Minsk. 

"Spartak" footballers immediately lunged forward to attack: on the first minutes Gordeochuk, who started this match in the first line-up, and Sidoruk could score. Nazar couldn’t score the Poluboyarinov’s volley from the corner kick: the ball went a meter away from the goal and Egor didn’t use the Rapid’s goalkeeper mistake who threw in the ball directly to his feet. 
The Austrians answered with a netbuster from the penalty area, which was perfectly parry by Sokolov, the red-and-white’s goalkeper. The next attack of the tournament’s host team was successful: on the 8th minute of the match Malikov scored from the penalty area. The scenery of the match against "Krasnodar", where the opponents soon leveled the score, could repeat but the defender Konstantin Shcherbakov saved the team with a clearance from the line of empty goal. 
The beginning of the second time of the match started not really lucky for red-and-white: Sokolov, a goalkeeper, didn’t cope with the Rapid’s long shot, it allowed Austrians to equalize the score.
After this episode Spartak players ran forward with double energy and had several moments at the opponent’s goal, where they had real chances to lead in score. In most of cases their accuracy let down: Melkadze didn’t score in the far corner from the penalty area edge, Malikov kiked in the cross-bar and then above the Rapid’s goal.  

Final five minutes did the match. The own goal from a defender, who tried to snaged the Malikov’s pass to Melkadze, helped "Spartak" to double the advance. Georgiy Melkadze, the red-and-white captain, put an end to the match, he scored from the penalty area corner in two minutes before the match end.  

Vladimir Beschastnykh, "Spartak" U-17 coach 
- Lads’ excitement on the eve of the first match of the international tournament influenced on the content: we take part in tournaments such a level not really often.  We burnt out and made mistakes. 
Well, in that match we also made mistakes: the footballers are young and have what to work at.  They have a character, ambition, skills to change the tournament situation, which is not really nice. I’m glad they could score beautiful today, it shows the style we follow. All in all they controlled the game, scored thrice and had lots of clear-cuts.

Georgiy Melkadze, "Spartak" U-17 captain
- Today we practically performed a coach task: we had a lot of moment, though we must work at scoring in forthcomming matches. During the setting before the game we were told that when the ball would be on the wing Rapid players got used to gather near it (if to remember this situation happend at the end of the match), therefore we had to attack, we did it and achieved the result. 
Poluboyarinov made a pass, I saw the goalkeeper came out of the goal’s line and I directly shot to the far corner. 
Now we’re thinking about the tommorow’s match against "Dinamo" (Minsk), they played fast football. I think we have something to oppose them.  

Jan Feldmann, "Rapid" U-17 footballer 
- We played not really bad, but we didn’t score a couple of "own" moments. "Spartak" is a strong team. I would emphasize the rival’s captain,who played well.