• Sergey Rodionov

    Rodionov about "Spartak Cup" results

    13.05.2014 News

    The president of Spartak Academy Sergey Rodionov summed up the results of «Spartak Cup» - 2014 and shared his impressions on the every team-participant of the tournament.

  • Brian Carey

    Blackburn U-17 coach: ""Spartak Cup" promotes our footballers’ progress"

    13.05.2014 News

    «Blackburn Rovers» team became the bronze medals winner of «Spartak Cup» 2014 and by the results of the tournament they got a people’s choice award. Brian Carey, a Blackburn U-17 coach, shared his opinion about the tournament in the interview.

  • Sports director of «Rapid Wien» Academy Peter Grechtshammer

    Sports director of "Rapid" Academy: "Participation in Spartak Cup tournament gave us an inapreciable experience"

    13.05.2014 News

    Sports director of «Rapid Wien» Academy Peter Grechtshammer shared his impressions on the International Youth tournament «Spartak Cup»

  • Spartak won the Spartak Cup 2014!

    The host of the tournament won "Spartak Cup"

    27.04.2014 News

    The Spartak Academy team, 1997 year of birth, became the winner of the third International Yourh Tournament "Spartak Cup" – 2014.

  • «Spartak» is at the top of the table after the third round

    "Spartak" is at the top of the table after the third round

    25.04.2014 News

    Moscovites gained the second victory on end on the International Youth Tournament «Spartak Cup».

  • Everyone ready!

    Everyone ready!

    22.04.2014 News

    On Monday all the teams-participants of the International Youth Tournament «Spartak Cup» – 2014 arrived in Moscow. «Dinamo»-Minsk who came early in the morning had time to train on the Academy’s stadium, the rest teams came to the hotel in the evening. Practically at the same time «Krasnodar» and «Rapid» were checking in the hotel, after them «Monaco» arrived and closer to midnight «Blackburn Rovers» came. During the tournament all the participants will stay in Holiday Inn Sokolniki not far from the place where matches will be played.

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