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Director of the Youth Academy of FC Sochaux: Spartak is a club with great ambitions as well as great future Теги: SOCHAUX

Director of the Youth Academy of FC Sochaux Jean-Luc Ruty shortly prior to his departure to France shared his opinion on the Youth football tournament, dedicated to FC Spartak Moscow 90th anniversary.

— First of all I want to say that it was a very good tournament, which attracted the best European teams. Also it was perfectly organized. Thus we are grateful to Spartak for inviting us to take part in the event, dedicated to such a remarkable date in the history of the club. Recently I have said to the members of our team that we should be proud of being invited by such club as Spartak. After we had come here we saw with our own eyes that Spartak is a serious football club with great ambitions as well as great future. Only this kind of club is able to organize events like that. I hope that it was not our last trip to Moscow.

— What would you say about the make-up of the entry list?  

— Excellent! It is quite obvious that currently Spaniards give ton to the European football, this is why having FC Barcelona in the list of participants additionally confirms a high status of the event. Also it’s great, that various schools playing different versions of football were represented and it was quite interesting to play with them. For instance we saw the Italians preach football, based on a good defensive tactics and in general a well-structured game. According to the games I saw, Spartak plays on the same level as the other European teams, which is a great achievement of your Academy.

— What would you say about the infrastructure of the Spartak Academy?

— You have managed to create the best possible conditions to ensure compliance with the highest international quality standards. Considering Russia’s harsh weather conditions it is highly important to have many high quality synthetic fields. Good quality is important because it prevents your kids from being injured. At Sochaux we have both natural as well as synthetic fields, this is why we never had difficulties with adaptation to a playground. The pitches you have are at least as good as ours and possibly even better. You have everything you need at a single location: internet, checkrooms, fields, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to see you were not only able to bring the entire training infrastructure in one covered hall, but also organized a spot for parents allowing them to watch their kinds playing football.